San Ramon Valley High School code - 050725
Main School phone number - (925) 552-5580
FAX - (925) 838-7802

Counseling Office Staff
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Student Last Names

Jessica Coulson Counselor

A-Cha - 552-3035

Ian Farr Counselor

Che-Fo - 552-3092

Nancy Conti Counselor

Fr-Ki - 552-3027

Melissa Bergstedt Counselor

Kl-Ni - 552-3045

Jenifer Levy-Wendt Head Counselor
No-San - 552-3025
Vivian Srouji Counselor

Sap-Z - 552-3033

Ryan Pickett School Psychologist -  552-3034
Paula Alm Speech Therapist - 552-3040

Mary Carlson

Secretary - 552-3016

Linda Clay

Counselor Technician - 552-3021

Barbara Murray Registrar - 552-3015


The San Ramon Valley High  School counselors strive to assist students in achieving success in all aspects of their lives. Counselors get to know their students in grade nine and remain involved with them throughout high school, providing individual, ongoing guidance on academic, personal, extracurricular, and post-secondary options. College advising is expanded during the second half of the junior year and continues into the senior year as counselors assist students and parents in researching schools, developing a list, and making applications to appropriate colleges and universities.  Each counselor serves an equal portion of the high school with the division based upon the first letter of a student's last name.

501 Danville Blvd, Danville, CA 94526
Phone (925)-552-3000   Fax: (925)-838-7802   

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