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Darwinís Dangerous Idea

Video Worksheet


1. What was Darwinís idea?


2. What did the theory of evolution jeopardize?


3. What evidence did Darwin point to in order to show this process must have taken enormous amounts of time?



4. What did Darwin hypothesize the finches first came from?



5. How can the continuance of life on Earth be explained despite of extinction?



6. What was one of the most important ideas Darwin had?


7. How do hummingbirds survive in the Alps of Ecuador?



8. How are separate species classified?


9. What tools do todayís researchers have that Darwin didnít?


10. What can we determine from DNA?



11. What is strong evidence for a single common ancestor?



12. How was Emma related to Darwin?


13. What types of advantages might help animals to survive with limited resources?



14. How can scientists observe evolution today?


15. How do the viruses get traits to become immune to medications?



16. How can stopping medications eliminate resistant viruses?




16. Why did Darwinís brother want him to publish his ideas?



17. Why was Emma concerned with Darwin publishing his theory?



18. What is proof (in a sense) of evolution of the eye?


19. Though it is hard to imagine intermediary steps between a patch of nerves and an eye, do they exist?


20. Why havenít the eyes of flatworms evolved like our eyes?


21. What was wrong with Darwin?



22. Why did Darwin blame himself for Annieís death?


23. What did Annieís death do to Darwin?



24. How did Darwin show manís superiority to other animals?



25. Why was his brother displeased by this?



26. Why was Darwin reluctant to publish his ideas and findings?



27. Do human brains really differ a lot from other mammals?


28. What can you tell by comparing DNA from two different species?


29. Where was Darwin buried?