French Revolution Journal Entries



1.   Title your paper “French Revolution Journal”

2.   Write your name and estate in the upper right hand corner.

3.   Each journal entry should be about ˝ page in length and should be written in character (3pts for each journal)


Journal #1:

        Describe your experience making wheat. Describe what it means to be a member of the First, Second, or Third Estate. How are the Estates different from one another? What privileges or problems go along with your Estate? Do you envy other Estates? What frustrates you about the current class system in France? How should the financial problems of France be solved?


Journal #2:

        Reflect on the meeting of the Estates General. What happened? How did you feel during the meeting? How do you feel regarding the King’s decisions? Do you think there needs to be changes in France? If so, what needs to happen?


Journal #3:

        What was the Tennis Court Oath? Describe what happened on the Tennis Court. What kind of effects might the oath have on your character?


Journal #4:

        What is your reaction to the National Convention’s decision to execute the King? How will the execution and the Reign of Terror influence the future of France? Do you think the Directory will be able to control the turbulence caused by the French Revolution? Why or why not?