Lab Make up Policy

As previously stated it is impossible to replicate the science lab experience with paper and pencil activities.

When a student misses a lab they not only miss the experience at that time, but additionally will miss detailed explanations that were given at the time of the lab to individual lab groups as individual questions arose. 

Students may not "dry lab" any labs.  That it to say they will not be permitted to simply copy the data from a lab group member or from the class.  All labs must be performed in order to earn lab credit. 

On the day the student returns to school, the student should make special arrangements with their teacher to come in before or after school so the assignment may be completed and turned in within the same number of school days as absent from school to earn credit.

In order to make up a physiology lab, the student will come in with a lab partner or a friend who is willing to help participate while the student collects data or performs the physiology activities. In the event that perishable materials were used and are no longer available, a research assignment maybe assigned.

In order to make up a dissection lab, the student will come in and dissect and locate all structures their group located in their absence. If one or more students has missed the same dissection, they may work together, otherwise this will be individual work.