Graphing Rules:


On paper:

  1. Use a ruler for Axis
  2. Title must be appropriate and show a relationship between variables (The Effect of X on Y).
  3. Both X and Y axis must be labeled. (X axis is the independent variable and the Y axis is the dependent variable)
  4. All units must be labeled. Abbreviations are fine. (cm, etc)
  5. Graph should be as large as possible for accuracy.
  6. Point of origin makes sense. Doesn’t always start a (0,0)
  7. Units are in even increments per axis.
  8. Do not connect the points on a line graph unless instructed to do so. Line up your ruler so that half of the points are on either side of the ruler to make a "best fit" or "trend" line. "Best fit" and "trend" lines DO NOT necessarily touch all plot points (and usually won't touch many of them)!
  9. If needed use a color code or key and label for multiple lines.

On Excel:

  1. Same as above except for #8.
  2. You will choose a trend line in excel and the computer will make a precise line for you.