Classroom Etiquette



You are old enough to control your own behavior. Be polite to the teacher and other students, impoliteness and interruptions during instruction interfere with other students' learning. Pervasive interruptions and poor behavior will first result in an e-mail home. If that doesn't stop the problem, referrals (detention and/or Saturday school), parent conferences, and behavior contracts will result.


1)      Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

a.      Do not touch other students or their belongings! Taking another student's work, backpack, or any other objects from their desk or surrounding area is stealing and will not be tolerated.

2)    Use appropriate language

a.      District Non-Discrimination policy/statement: “It is the responsibility of everyone on campus that this school and this classroom are a safe place of learning for all students.  In compliance with District policy and State and Federal law, discriminatory actions or language, even if unintentional, are not acceptable and will not be tolerated.  The consequences for such action or language depend on the nature and severity of the discrimination but can range from a verbal warning to suspension and even expulsion.”

b.     You do not have to be a victim of pervasive bullying. Teachers only see a small percentage of bullying. It is okay to report bullying to an adult on campus, it will be dealt with.

c.      80% of students are not bullies and are not directly harassed, but we need to recognize that they are victims of bullying as well. The bully is in the business of power, power over their target and power over the witnesses (and there are ALWAYS witnesses, that’s part of the point), daring the witness to say something, knowing they will not.  Break the cycle, step up!

d.      Remember just saying "you're sorry" doesn't mean much when you don't make the effort to change.

3)    Do not interrupt, raise your hand

a.      Do not get up out of your seat during instruction WITHOUT permission, to get permission, raise you hand and wait until I notice you. (Of course there are exceptions and they all involve massive bleeding or vomiting...)

b.     You will receive 5 bathroom/hall pass tickets to use during the semester. If you don't use your tickets they are worth 1point each on the semester final exam. Lost tickets will not be replaced. If you are gone more than a reasonable amount of time, you will lose all tickets.

4)    Do not use electronics in class, they will be confiscated (keep all electronics TURNED OFF during class time, also part of the district policy!)

5)    Remove headwear when you come indoors

6)    Clean up!

a.      This includes- placing books under correct desks, cleaning up any materials used in a lab or activity as instructed, throwing out personal garbage in GARBAGE cans and designated RECYCLE bins!



Students are responsible for safety, learning and academic honesty. Unsafe practices will result in removal from lab or classroom activities, zeros on those assignments, and may result in further disciplinary action depending on the severity of the violation. You are responsible for your own learning; no one else can learn for you. This includes being responsible for attending class on time, participating fully, and being prepared for class. You are responsible for your work, no one can make you dishonest, that’s your choice.

Teachers and schools are responsible for providing an environment in which students are able to learn, maintaining high academic and behavioral standards, promoting an atmosphere of trust and caring and providing the tools and opportunities to succeed are provided.


1)      BE SAFE!

a.      Follow all safety precautions in your safety contract.

b.     Do not eat or drink in science class, you increase the possibility of contamination of yourself and of your experiment.

c.      Refrain from horseplay in the classroom.

2)    Enter the classroom quietly and on time.

a.      Being on time means in your seat (not just in the classroom) and preparing for class (getting out assignments to be turned in, notebooks, etc) by the time the bell rings!

b.     If you are tardy, come in quietly, leave any excused notices on my lab bench, and sit down.

3)    Bring all required materials to class with you every day

a.      Check the website!

4)    Have all assignments completed on time

a.      Check the website and school loop!

5)    Be prepared for all evaluations and lab procedures

a.      Review notes nightly and ask questions the following day if you need clarification in order to prepare for quizzes. Consult study guides and quizzes to prepare for tests, midterms and finals.

b.     Always have a thorough Prelab completed before a laboratory activity.

6)    Be academically honest!