Study Techniques For HAP


1) Review you lecture and reading notes nightly, ask questions in class or at lunch if information is unclear

    *NIGHTLY means nightly! 1hour a night IS NOT the same as 5hours the night before an exam and WILL NOT get the same results! In classes requiring memorization of lots of vocab and or deeper understandings of procedures and mechanisms (which BOTH apply to the subjects of Anatomy and Physiology) your brain needs repetition and small doses every day to really learn it!

2) Use flash cards to memorized new vocab (check out Quizlet.Com and Study Blue)

3) Look online for animated help, power points, and the unit test study guide which includes study guides for individual quizzes

4) Use your coloring book! Look at study guides and vocab lists and quiz yourself using your coloring book

    * You can also try this with the interactive sites linked to the HAP calendar and the sits showing human or cat dissection pictures to study for lab practicals!

5) Always make sure you give yourself an appropriate amount of time to study and that your study environment is comfortable and quite, without distractions. Studies show it takes the brain an average of 10minutes to fully engage on an activity, once disturbed, it has to start over again. That means even answering a text or tweet, while it may only take a couple of seconds, is costing 10minutes of valuable study time! 



Tip for Muscle Study

1) Flash cards are great! Make your own of find some on study blue, put the name on one side and the action (and origin and insertion for select muscles) on the other. "Star" the front of cards for which you need to know origin and insertion in addition to action to help quiz yourself.

2) Use your flashcards as a word bank to quiz yourself on the pictures in your coloring book and on the Great Cat Muscle page 1 website.

3) Once you get good with the actions of muscles, shuffle your cards and try to put the in group based on action (and or location)

4) Study a few muscles each night, add as many new cards to the stack as we have covered in class, you really have to keep up on muscles, IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO CRAM 90 muscle location and actions in one or two study sessions, regardless of how long you go for! This has to be an ongoing endeavor, learning a little more each night!