HAP Reading Questions Chapter 4  (up to connective tissues)                                 Name ________________Date ____ Period ___

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1.  An epithelium that has several layers, with an apical layer of flattened cells is called (choose all that apply):

a) ciliated

b) columnar

c) stratified

d) simple

e) squamous


2.  Match the epithelial types named in Key Choices with the appropriate description(s) in column A

Key Choices: a. pseudostratified ciliated columnar e.t.    b. simple columnar e.t.   c. simple cuboidal e.t.   d. simple squamous. e.t.   

 e.  stratified columnar e.t     f. stratified squamous e.t.     g.  transitional e.t. 


Column A                                                                               

___lines most of the digestive tract                                   

___lines the esophagus                                                       

___lines much of the respiratory tract                                 l

___forms the walls of the air sacs (alveoli) of lungs           

___found in urinary tract organs                                           

___Endothelium and mesothelium                                       


3.  The gland type that secretes products such as milk, saliva, bile or sweat through a duct is (a) an endocrine gland   (b) an exocrine gland


4.  Define tissue


5.  Name four important functions of epithelial tissues and provide one example of a tissue that exemplifies each function




6.  Describe the criteria used to classify covering and lining epithelia.