Measuring Cells Lab Activity Worksheet


























Red Blood Cell




Magnification (400x/100x/40x)





Number of cells that fit side-by-side





Diameter of field of view





Calculated cell size (show work)







Length of elodea leaf:_____________

Calculations for cell size:

          Red Blood Cells:













Observations Questions:

1. Which cells were the largest? How big were they? ________________________________


2. Which cells were the smallest? How big were they? _______________________________


3. Approximately how many cells go across the length of an elodea leaf? (SHOW WORK!) _____






4. How were the elodea cells different from the other cells? Why? (HINT: Think about the           color!) _____________________________________________________________


5. What structures are in the elodea cells that are missing in the onion? _________________


6. Why do you think it was necessary to stain the onion specimen? ______________________



Conclusion Questions:

1. Convert the following measurements. SHOW WORK!

     a) 1.5 mm = ____ m        b) 400 m = ____ mm






2. Convert each of the following cell measurements. SHOW WORK!

     a) 0.25 mm = ____ m      b) 0.06mm = ____ m       c) 10.7 m = _____ mm










3. A student observed the same cell under medium power and then under high power. The number of cells that could fit across the field of view was estimated at 10 on medium power and 2.2 on high power. Determine the cell size under each power.








4.  Determine the cell length and cell width in each diagram.

a) low power

b) high power